#GreenEconomy conference in Algiers

TAGA is pleased to announce that Ellen Wasylina is actively contributing and supporting the conference on the Green economy that the US Algeria Business Council is organizing in Algiers, now postponed until Fall 2021. Date to follow.

Designed and conceived around two Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) #7 and #11 , Recycling and Renewable Energies, the Green Economy Forum will inform and engage bilateral stakeholders,  as we seek to engage support, technology and investment from US companies.

Here is the link to the website of the US Algeria Council : https://www.us-algeria.org/usabc-events/2019-us-algeria-green-economy-forum.html  

For background reading on #Algeria and the Green Economy, here are two publications to which Ms. Wasylina has  contributed :

Algeria and Transatlantic Relations, published at Brookings Insitution Press, January 2019


Sustainability Governance in a post-globalized world, published at Apple Books, February 2019


When inquiring or signing up for the conference, do mention that TAGA sent you, and we will see you in Algiers!

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