Expertise and Services

Our mission is to provide policy advice, expertise, perspectives, analysis and linkages on key strategic transatlantic issues.  Having spent more than 20 years in France, it is our gateway to Europe and its periphery.  Our services are available in either English or French.  Here is a brief overview of our advisory services :  TAGA 52017

As former Director of Environment and Sustainable Development of a French city of 20,000 inhabitants, here is a presentation on the Green Economy and how it will make communities sustainable , both economically and environmentally resilient : Green Economy

Join us at the French American Chamber where where TAGA is now a member and where we have started a Green Economy and Sustainability Committee :

Here is our brochure on how to implement a Sustainability Agenda and get to ZERO WASTE : @sustain4cities brochure 2016

As a specialist of Eurasia, particularly Central and Eastern Europe, here is an example of a 1-week seminar in Doing Business in the Black Sea Region, with its risks and rewards : TAGA Black Sea Seminar 2016

Finally, as a lifelong Entrepreneur and former adjunct professor in Parisian Business schools (2011-2016), here is a 3-step program to becoming an entrepreneur and being mentored and getting financed for your next venture : Entre3preneur 2018