Ms Wasylina is a seasoned multicultural, multilingual European Executive.  

THEMATIC expertise : Communications, Defense, Development, Economy, Education, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Foreign Relations, Health, Trade

GEOGRAPHIC EXPERTISE : Eurasia (Europe and the former USSR sphere); Africa (Maghreb); United States

Here is a non-exhaustive list of selected speeches, papers :


The New Geopolitical Realities of Russia, Guest panelist at the SETA Foundation, November 4, 2019 : https://setadc.org/event-summary-the-new-geopolitical-realities-for-russia/

Dissipating the mythes of Euro-Maghreb migration, Guest speaker at the NESA Center, March 27, 2019, Army Navy Club, Washington, D.C. : http://www.nesa-center.org .


The Emerald Planet, March 2018, interview about my work in Algeria and in France as an educator  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLBlHz18mSw


“The Green Economy : an economic driver,  French-American Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C.; Mining & Energy Forum, Sofia, Bulgaria; Emerald Planet TV, Washington, D.C. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBxawcGluqs)


Sustainability and resiliency are key to long-term geopolitical and geoeconomic regional stability“, BlackBlue Sea Conference, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey


“Sustainable Development Policies for Resilient Cities”, PAUWES, Tlemcen, Algeria

“Mediterranean Migration : Realities and Challenges”   Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques (IRES), Rabat, Morocco


l’UE-Russie : mariage de raison? “, Geopolitical Festival, Grenoble, France

Waste Management Policies, Chamber of Commerce, Moscow, Russia

“La nouvelle architecture de la paix et de la sécurité en Afrique” , Marrakech Security Forum, Marrakech, Morocco


Sécuriser la périphérie de l’UE : mission impossible?” Geopolitical Festival,  Grenoble, France ;

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Its Effect on International Economic Security and Multidimensional Relations”, TASAM, 4th EU-Turkey Summit, Istanbul, Turkey