#GreenEconomy conference in Algiers

TAGA is pleased to announce that Ellen Wasylina is actively contributing and supporting the conference on the Green economy that the US Algeria Business Council is organizing in Algiers, now postponed until Fall 2021. Date to follow.

Designed and conceived around two Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) #7 and #11 , Recycling and Renewable Energies, the Green Economy Forum will inform and engage bilateral stakeholders,  as we seek to engage support, technology and investment from US companies.

Here is the link to the website of the US Algeria Council : https://www.us-algeria.org/usabc-events/2019-us-algeria-green-economy-forum.html  

For background reading on #Algeria and the Green Economy, here are two publications to which Ms. Wasylina has  contributed :

Algeria and Transatlantic Relations, published at Brookings Insitution Press, January 2019


Sustainability Governance in a post-globalized world, published at Apple Books, February 2019


When inquiring or signing up for the conference, do mention that TAGA sent you, and we will see you in Algiers!

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TAGA participates in US trade mission to #Algeria

TAGA’s CEO, Ellen Wasylina, was a member of the US delegation trade mission to Algeria.

The trade mission was organized conjointly by the US-Algeria Business Council (USABC) and the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSAAC) and their respective presidents, Dr Ismaël Chikoune and David Hamod.

Our delegation visited several different regions/wilayas and a dozen Algerian companies.

At the end of our visit, we were invited to attend the announcement of the “Maison d’Algérie” , a permanent showroom of Algerian products located in the port of Baltimore.    Here is a brief resumé of that announcement  : https://youtu.be/Y0JyhDd-5k8 

Here below is the photo gallery of selected moments of our trip.

Scenery  from Algiers to Sétif to Mostaganem to Oran

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Algerian fine cuisine and wine

Official meetings and events in Algiers and Oran 


Ellen Wasylina’s third book is out!

Ellen Wasylina is pleased to announce that her third book , entitled

“Sustainability Governance in a post-globalized world”

Selected Speeches, Articles and Reflections 

A chronology of geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges 

will be available February 1st, 2019 on Apple Books as a digital publication.

Here is the layout of the book below : each Chapter represents a year from 2013-2018, each preceded by a timeline of major events.  Each chapter is comprised of the author’s speeches given during that year.  At the end of the book, the Annexes contain the author’s speeches, press articles, articles in the Geostrategic Maritime Review, her books written in French, and selected media appearances in both English and French.

Chapter 1 : What threatens Europe?

Chapter 2 : Regional integration challenges

Chapter 3 : Energy and Security Challenges

Chapter 4 : Geopolitical Resilience

Chapter 5 : Is Democracy Doomed?

Chapter 6 : Green Leadership is Key

Book cover photo credit : Romeo CHOLAKOV

To order the book : https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/sustainability-governance-in-a-post-globalized-world/id1450842371?mt=11

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Save the date : January 14

Ellen Wasylina is pleased to announce her contribution to an upcoming publication , ” Algeria and Transatlantic Relations”, with an article , “Transformer Knowledge into Competency /Transformer la Connaissance en Compétence ” .

To participate at the launch of this book in Washington, D.C., free of charge, sign up here : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/algeria-and-transatlantic-relations-book-launch-tickets-53826722175

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