The tripartite peace agreement between Azerbaijan/Armenia/Russia

Ellen Wasylina will be interviewing Neil Watson on the very strategic subject of the Tripartite Peace Treaty recently concluded on January 11, 2021 between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia. We will take an historic, regional and international view of the frozen conflict that has endured for more than three decades, the key and regional actors, the consequences of this conflict and its economic and social impact on not only the three countries but the region as a whole.

Neil Watson is an international journalist with 25 years’ experience of writing on a wide range of topics, ranging from technology and architecture to geopolitics. Since 2009 he has focused on the history, culture and politics of the South Caucasus, and particularly on Azerbaijan. Neil has also edited numerous academic books on Azerbaijani literature and culture and regularly appears on Azerbaijani and Kazakh TV.

Here is the Zoom link to watch the replay in case you could not join us on February 4, 2021 at 14h30 CET, in English (available 7 days) :

Ellen Wasylina interviews Neil Watson