Interviews with Ellen Wasylina in 2018

This year of 2018 has been rich in events and Ellen Wasylina has been called on to give her analysis on transatlantic, foreign policy and key economic  and strategic issues that affect not only the United States  and France, but the world at large.

Thank you to France 24 for inviting me to both English and French-speaking channels to express my opinions on key international events on live television.

To contact Ellen Wasylina, reach out via Twitter @taga_ew or by mail : .

Here are some of the key interviews, dates and photos :


February 4 : Nuclear weapons, French and English

February 22 : Florida massacre, French and English

March 1st : Guns, French

March 13, France 24 French

April 14 : Frappes en Syrie, France24, in French

April 24 : President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the US, interview with France 24 in French and English

May 8 : Nuclear agreement , French and English

June 28 : Trump/Putin summit in Helsinki , French and English

September 1st, John McCain’s funeral, French and English

October 6th, Kavanaugh vote and nomination, French and English

October 9th, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley resigns

November 7, US Midterm elections, French and English