#Sécurité et #Climat go hand in hand

Five years have gone by already on this anniversary of the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement in Paris, France in 2015.

On this occasion, Ellen Wasylina co-authored an article with Marie-Laetitia Gourdin for the Special COP21 Presidency Key Brief.

Herewith the article, in both English and French, with an excerpt in English :

“The term resilient usually refers to the mechanic resistance
of bodies to external pressure. This concept has been used
in various disciplines, notably in psychology by Dr Boris
Cyrulnik to describe children’s capacity to overcome
psychological trauma induced in war situations. This term,
when adapted to a city, its municipal administration and policies,
illustrates the capacity of the community to resist external
impacts by responding with concrete actions that can be easily
implemented on the ground, in the short to medium term. The

city level is one of the decentralised bodies the more able to com-
bat climate change and related security issues.”