Interview with Dr. Stephen Blank

Ellen Wasylina was pleased to interview Dr. Stephen Blank on February 17, 16h CET/10h EST.

We discussed “Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Agenda and challenges”.

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Here is Dr. Blank’s biography :

STEPHEN BLANK is an internationally recognized expert on Russian foreign and defense policies and international relations across the former Soviet Union.  He is also a leading expert on European and Asian security, including energy issues.  Since 2020 he has been a Senior Expert for Russia at the U.S. Institute of Peace and a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute ( .  From 2013-2020 he was a Senior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council ( ). From 1989-2013 he was a Professor of Russian National Security Studies at the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania.  Dr. Blank has been Professor of National Security Affairs at the Strategic Studies Institute since 1989.  In 1998-2001 he was Douglas MacArthur Professor of Research at the War College.  

Dr. Blank has consulted for the CIA, major think tanks and foundations, chaired major international conferences in the USA and abroad In Florence, Prague, and London, and has been a commentator on foreign affairs in the media in the United States and abroad.  He has also advised major corporations on investing in Russia and is a consultant for the Gerson Lehrmann Group. He has published over 1300 articles and monographs on Soviet/Russian, U.S., Asian, and European military and foreign policies, including publishing or editing 15 books, testified frequently before Congress on Russia, China, and Central Asia for business, government, and professional think tanks here and abroad on these issues.  He has also appeared on CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle, CNBC Asia, and is a regular guest on VOA.

Prior to his appointment at the Army War College in 1989 Dr. Blank was Associate Professor for Soviet Studies at the Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education of Air University at Maxwell AFB.  He also held the position of 1980-86: Assistant Professor of Russian History, University of Texas, San Antonio, 1980-86, and Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian history, University of California, Riverside, 1979-80.  

Dr. Blank’s M.A. and Ph.D. are in Russian History from the University of Chicago. His B.A is in History from the University of Pennsylvania.

The tripartite peace agreement between Azerbaijan/Armenia/Russia

Ellen Wasylina will be interviewing Neil Watson on the very strategic subject of the Tripartite Peace Treaty recently concluded on January 11, 2021 between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia. We will take an historic, regional and international view of the frozen conflict that has endured for more than three decades, the key and regional actors, the consequences of this conflict and its economic and social impact on not only the three countries but the region as a whole.

Neil Watson is an international journalist with 25 years’ experience of writing on a wide range of topics, ranging from technology and architecture to geopolitics. Since 2009 he has focused on the history, culture and politics of the South Caucasus, and particularly on Azerbaijan. Neil has also edited numerous academic books on Azerbaijani literature and culture and regularly appears on Azerbaijani and Kazakh TV.

Here is the Zoom link to watch the replay in case you could not join us on February 4, 2021 at 14h30 CET, in English (available 7 days) :

Ellen Wasylina interviews Neil Watson

“The New Geopolitical Realities for Russia”

On November 4, 2019, Ellen Wasylina was invited to present her chapter and research on Ukraine in the collective book entitled “The New Geopolitical Realities for Russia”, edited by Professor Dr Nursin Güney, as well as with Professor Visne Korkmaz at the SETA Foundation in Washington, D.C.

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Ellen Wasylina’s third book is out!

Ellen Wasylina is pleased to announce that her third book , entitled

“Sustainability Governance in a post-globalized world”

Selected Speeches, Articles and Reflections 

A chronology of geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges 

will be available February 1st, 2019 on Apple Books as a digital publication.

Here is the layout of the book below : each Chapter represents a year from 2013-2018, each preceded by a timeline of major events.  Each chapter is comprised of the author’s speeches given during that year.  At the end of the book, the Annexes contain the author’s speeches, press articles, articles in the Geostrategic Maritime Review, her books written in French, and selected media appearances in both English and French.

Chapter 1 : What threatens Europe?

Chapter 2 : Regional integration challenges

Chapter 3 : Energy and Security Challenges

Chapter 4 : Geopolitical Resilience

Chapter 5 : Is Democracy Doomed?

Chapter 6 : Green Leadership is Key

Book cover photo credit : Romeo CHOLAKOV

To order the book :

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