New Podcast : Pancracio & Wasylina

We are pleased to announce that Ellen Wasylina and Professor emeritus Jean-Paul Pancracio will be starting a podcast on the theme of Transatlantic Relations.

Here is the link, where you can access the trailer and upcoming episodes :–wasylina

Voici le premier épisode, intitulé “Second Gentleman” :

Episode 1 : Second Gentleman

This podcast will be dedicated to Transatlantic Discussions between Ellen Wasylina and Professor emeritus Jean-Paul Pancracio, who will discuss and comment on major news events of strategic interest between France, the United States and Europe. This podcast will be in French and English. Join us!

Ce podcast est une discussion entre le Professeur émérite Jean-Paul Pancracio et Ellen Wasylina, en français et en anglais, sur les événements clés des deux cotés de l’Atlantique.